You Say You Want a Revolution

What traits make a protest movement successful?

Photo of protesters in Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia: photo by @Casada (used with permission: her twitter here)

The riot is the language of the unheard” — Martin Luther King


Indigenous protesters in Quito, Ecuador in October (Photo: Joshua Collins)
Tear-gas being deployed in Quito, Ecuador (Photo: Joshua Collins)

Decentralized leadership and organization

A widely shared photo on social media from the Hong Kong protests taken by Fai Lo (from twitter account of Selena Chang

Media Attention

Artwork associated with the Hong Kong Protests by Rebel Pepper (Open for use)
Riot police in Bogota, Colombia during ongoing protests. Dec 8th 2019 (Photo: Joshua Collins)

Clear messaging

Staying Power

So what’s the takeaway?

Feb 24th near the Simon Bolivar Bridge on the Venezuelan/Colombian border (Photo: Joshua Collins)

A reporter on immigration and world affairs, based in Cucuta, Colombia. Bylines at Al Jazeera, Caracas Chronicles, New Humanitarian and more

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