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  • Richard McColl

    Richard McColl

    Writer and foreign correspondent in Colombia. Hotelier, Conflict Resolution specialist and academic. He is currently on the lookout for an editor for his novel.

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Quyen Nguyen

    Prof. of intercultural communications and inclusive leadership | Education consultant & workshop leader | Founder of https://summited.co | |@quyenincolombia

  • Lauroraenletras


    Escribir es la necesidad, lo demás llega por añadidura.

  • sillyolyou


    Blogs about: Gender/sex, philosophy of gender, trans liberation, philosophy of science, philosophy of race

  • Open Money Initiative

    Open Money Initiative

    We believe that access to a free and open financial system is a basic human right.

  • John Dennehy

    John Dennehy

    Writing about social movements, international politics and cryptocurrency — often from South America or Asia. Author of Illegal https://amzn.to/38NQveX

  • Gillian May

    Gillian May

    Former nurse turned writer. Mental health-addictions-trauma-wellness. Book coming soon! Sign up to my newsletter — https://upbeat-trader-4181.ck.page/839d0ab3f9

  • Sukanti B

    Sukanti B


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