En Colombia, la policía no solo está militarizada: está controlada por los militares, algo que los críticos sostienen debe cambiar

foto por Jordan Stern (usada con permiso)

Police in Colombia aren’t just militarized, they’re controlled by the military. Critics say that needs to change

July 20th, Bogota Colombia- ESMAD battles protesters (photo by Jordan Stern, used with permission)

Police brutality, inequality, rising violence and a deeply unpopular administration are driving demonstrations across the country

A protester in Bogota, Colombia (Photo: Joshua Collins)

Meet the kids of Cali, who make up the soul of a national revolution

A primera línea protester in Puerto Resistencia, Cali (Photo: Joshua Collins)

El debate público sobre el paro en Colombia está dominado por el gobierno y las élites, no personas como yo

Protestas en Bogota 28 de Abril (photo por Joshua Collins)

As thousands take to the streets in Colombia, public debate over why is dominated by government and elites, not people like me

Riot police in Bogota gas protesters during a National Strike on April 28th (Photo: Joshua Collins)

2020 was a collective trauma, but also a year of the people

A street during the plague in London via Wikimedia Commons

The indigenous protests that crossed half a nation to confront a president

Indigenous Guard lead a community meeting at the Minga encampment in Ibagué (Photo: Joshua Collins)

The authoritarianism of the ivory tower is a contradiction

Widely used image from Social media (this iteration from UC Davis blog)

“Fire Monke” (image owned by Joshua Collins)

Joshua Collins

A reporter on immigration and world affairs, based in Cucuta, Colombia. Bylines at Al Jazeera, Caracas Chronicles, New Humanitarian and more

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